Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

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Heat recovery ventilation systems, also known as HRV systems recover heat from the air that evaporates from hot water that is used in bathrooms and kitchens and transfers the heat to the fresh air that is ventilated into the home. 

How do HRV systems work?

The main principal behind the heat recovery ventilation system is to continuously change the air in the house and to use recovered heat to warm the incoming air. The extract points are located in wet areas such as, kitchens, bathrooms, WC and utility rooms. The supply points are located in the living room, dining room and bedroom areas.

How heat recovery ventilation systems work


Cycle I

The warm exhaust air is removed from the room through the ceramic heat collector. The exhaust air heats and moistens the ceramic heat collector and radiated up to 90% of the heat energy. After some time, the ceramic heat collector is warm enough and the ventilation system starts supplying the air.

Cycle II

Cold, fresh external air flows in through the ceramic heat collector, removing the stored heat and moisture until it reaches the room temperature. When the ceramic heat collector is cooled down, the ventilation system switches back to air exhaustion. Switching between the air supply and air exhaustion is repeated every 70 seconds.

Heat recovery ventilation benefits


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Benefits of Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems for your home

Below are some of the benefits of heat recovery ventilation systems;


Continuous clean fresh air

The ventilation systems continuously supply fresh, clean air into your home throughout the day and night. The system provides enough fresh air to keep the occupants healthy, remove indoor pollutants and odours and lower the indoor humidity. This creates a healthier home for you and your family to live in.


Energy Efficient

Not only does the heat recovery ventilation system provide a healthier place for you to live, it will reduce your energy requirements and reduce costs. The system is designed to operate continuously at a low rate to reduce electrical energy consumption and in turn will lower your heating bills.


Eliminates condensation

Condensation is one of the most common issues facing homeowners and is the most common cause of dampness in homes. The heat recovery ventilation system will remove all water vapour as it is produced and as a result there is no moisture condensation which causes dampness, rot and mould growth.


Compact in size

The heat recovery ventilation system is compact in size and can be installed in your basement, attic room or adjoining garage. Some models are suitable to be fitted in a hot-press within the kitchen. The main control unit is normally located in the utility room or the kitchen, however it can be fitted anywhere in the house to suit your needs.

Will a HRV system suit my home?

A heat recovery ventilation system is perfect for new house builds, however, the systems can also be retrofitted into existing dwellings. Phone 0868517555 or complete our contact form for further information. Visit our shop if you want to order direct from our website.

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