The Benefits of Aluminium Radiators

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The majority of radiators in households are made of steel; however, the last few years have seen a significant increase of aluminium radiators installed in new homes throughout Ireland. There are many advantages to having aluminium radiators in your home and we have listed the benefits below.

Energy Saving

Aluminium radiators allow home owners to save vast amounts on their energy bills. Energy saving comes as a result of the aluminium material’s ability to conduct heat. Aluminium conducts up to 5 times that of steel by circulating heat from water around the room much faster. Therefore, aluminium radiators require less water heated from the boiler which allows faster response time to changes in room temperature.

Due to the fact that aliminium radiators reach desired temperatures so quick, they are often chosen as a suitable heat source for rooms which are only used occasionally such as consevatories. This avoids wasted heating energy and result in reduced expenditure on gas, electricity and water. 

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium radiators are also environmentally friendly. Firstly, they are made of recycled materials such as drink cans, and they also have a low water content which means that they can produce the same heat efficiency even with smaller dimensions. This benefit works well when used with a water heat pump as a large radiator is not required to compensate for low water temperatures.

Aluminium radiator

Functionality and Appearance

In today’s modern world, radiators are considered a decorative feature within homes, as opposed to a heating solution. The outer layer of aluminium radiators flow from rounded edges to flat aluminium profiles. The radiators are shaped so as to allow the circulation of air, using convection to increase room heating ability.

Aluminium radiators are also designed to be dimensionally smaller than traditional, steel heat sources.  However, they provide the same heat output at lower cost. The materials are light weight which alows them to be manipulated in a variety of shapes, without effecting the aluminiums strength. As a result, aluminium radiators are much easier to create, deliver and install. Sections of the radiators can be added an removed as required in order to save space in the home.

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