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Orca Coolwex Domestic Heat Pump Reduces Heating Costs By 70%

Domestic hot water heat pumps

A rational investment for economical heating of sanitary water system with an existing water heater or sanitary water container from 500 to 1.000 litres.

Larger sanitary water solutions are also available, ranging from 500 litres to 5000 litres.

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5 Year Warranty & Manufactured in Europe

A Long Term Investment in Energy Efficient Sanitary Water Heating

  • The electronic expansion valve (model Wave).
  • The superbly dimensioned heat exchanger.
  • Integrated system components that are based on advanced technological solutions.
  • 2 MG anode for safety and long life of the product.

Warranty for Comfort & Easy Usage

  • Possibility to connect to different heating systems (heating oil, wood , solar heaters, gas devices) – optional
  • Automatic heating with easy usage via the LCD display.
  • Double daily timer for turning the device on and off.
  • Turbo function for fast water heating in cases of increased consumption.
  • Silent operation (49dB).
  • Auto restart function
  • Standard integrated electric heater 1.8 kW
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 Investment in Health

  • Automatic anti-legionella program.
  • Impeccable water - exchanger built in the outer mantle of the container.
  • The heat exchanger of the air to water heat pump made from high quality aluminium
  • Heating power 1800 W.
  • Vacuum enameled water container.
  • Silent mode


Larger Sanitary Solutions

We also supply and install larger sanitary containers ranging from 500 litres to 5000 litres.

Large Air to water heat pumps

Ways of Positioning the air source heat pump

Coolwex DHW

Customer testimonial

"We started building our house in 2011 and moved into it in April 2012, we looked at a lot of renewable energy opinions, we found out about the coolwex, was a bit doubtful at the start as we were putting in a solid fuel stove but when I talked to Frank and he explained the working and costings of the coolwex we make our mind up to go with it. One year after installation its costing us only 29 cents a day for 24hr hot water which mean we didnt have to install electric showers, anyone who visits cant believe the hot water and think its great value. When we were installing the coolwex Frank was always only a phone call away and had all the answers to any questions which we had. We have done and would highly recommend this system to anyone building a new house/ looking for a new energy system."

James Waugh

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